Friday, December 25, 2009

Enjoyed Some Holiday Foods

Well, I was about a week ahead of schedule, but I decided to try some "real" food for Christmas dinner. Things went pretty good, didn't eat too much and was able to eat them without any trouble. I will say that I had some oatmeal this morning and that did not feel so good. I really felt a tight, slightly painful sensation after I got done eating. So oatmeal may not be a good thing to eat, may have to keep track of those foods that just don't sit too well. Otherwise, I was SO excited to be able to eat some potatoes, yams and a little bit of ham, chopped up and chewed up very well. It was nice to know that the system still works. In a way I was a little afraid to try more solid foods as I just don't know how my body will react to anything. Just a whole new learning experience.


  1. I know how you feel. I was eating soft mushy foods the day after Surgery! And I had ham & turkey a week later on Thanksgiving.

    As for new foods, I would just go easy, take small bites & take your time between bites. That way if you were going to have a problem you should be able to tell before it gets too bad!

    At least that is what I have been doing, & so far with about 2 cc's (from Surgery), I haven't had any problems yet. But Monday, I get more fill on my official first fill, so I will then definitely be even more careful.

    Hope you had a great Holiday even though you had to cancel your trip due to the weather.

  2. I have found that some foods that bother me once don't bother me again. I think while you are healing (and maybe until you get restriction) you might want to try things more than once - just wait a few days. Also at this stage you might want to waterdown (or milk down) your oatmeal. It might be too sticky for you right now. Otherwise, it sounds like you are doing great.

  3. Thanks for the comments, so reassuring to know that all this is normal. :)